Administrator / custodian (if any): The site Natura 2000 “Lakes around Mascurei” is not given under custody and has no administrative structure.

Surface (ha):  1160

Recognition according to the communitarian/national legislation:

  1. Site Natura 2000: “Lakes around Mascurei ” is registered as a communitarian importance site (SCI) according to Ord. MMP nr.2387/2011 which modifies the Ord. 1964/2007 regarding the establishment of the protected natural area regime of the communitarian importance sites, as and integrant part of the European ecological network Natura 2000 in Romania, where is registered this site, having the code ROSCI0309– with a surface of 1160 ha, situat in The North-East Development Region, over 2 counties: 88 % in Vaslui County and 12% in County Bacau.
  2. Protected area of national interest:  until the present, it has not been designated as protected area and, within the site, there are no other protected areas
  3. Other protection status according to the national/international in force legislation: No need.

Aspects regarding the property upon the project area/zone and the main using modality of the lands within it

The site Lakes around Mascurei” is placed at the limit of Vaslui and Bacau Counties, in the Western part of the Central Moldavian Plateau, in Barlad hydrographic basin. From the administrative point of view, the site is spreading over the admiistrative territorial units of the communes Ciocani(1%), Iana (5%), Pogana (10%), Puiesti (2 %) from Vaslui County  as well as over the communes Motoseni (<1%), Rachitoasa (<1%) from Bacau County.

Scientific description of the project area/zone (relief, climate, hydro-geographic conditions, pedology, geology, types of ecosystems, habitates / species of communitarian importance, etc.), specifying the information sources:

The site “Lakes around Mascurei” is a communitarian importance site (SCI)


The average altitude of the site is 107 m.

Climate: The annual average temperature is 9,5 °C, and the medium precipitations are of 528 mm.

Relief:  The site ROSCI0309 Lakes around Mascurei, at Vaslui County level, is situated in the major river bed of Tutova River, containing, as well, Cuibul Vulturilor reservoir.

In Bacau County, the site ROSCI0309 Lakes around Mascurei contains the wet area from the valley of Zeletin Creek, at the localities Poteca, Gura Sohodorului and Puntea Mohu

Soils: alluvisols

The site “Lakes around Mascurei” is a wet area, at the limit between Vaslui and Bacau Counties, situated in the continental biogeographic region characterized by the presence of the habitates specific to the conservative interest specie – Lutra lutra and by the presence of other conservative interest species and, as well, of other important fauna species specific to the et areas. In this site, there can be found the following classes of habitates:

Code % CLC Classes of habitates
N06 41 511-512 Rivers, lakes
N07 52 411-412 Marshes, peat bogs
N12 2 211-213 Crops (arable land)
N14 5 231 Pastures

Species of mammals listed in appendix II to the Council Directive 92/43/CEE that are mentioned as being found within this site:

  • 1335 Lutra lutra (otter)

Species of amphibians and reptiles listed in appendix II to the Council Directive 92/43/CEE that are mentioned as being found within this site:

  • 1166 Triturus cristatus (crested newt)
  • 1188 Bombina bombina (Eurasian Red Belly Bittern)
  • 1220  Emys orbicularis (water turtle)

The importance of the project area/zone for the biodiversity and/or for the species/types of habitates preservation considered at European, national and regional level  

It makes part of the few sites designated for Emys orbicularis. This site is of high importance, as well, for the species of amphibians Bombina and Triturus, as well as for thr mammal Lutra lutra.

The site “Lakes around Mascurei” was not designated, until the present, protected area and, within the site, there are no other protected areas.