The site Natura 2000 “Mata – Carja – Radeanu” is not given under custody and has no Administrative structure.

Surface (ha):  5735

Recognition according to the communitarian/national legislation:

  1. Site Natura 2000:Mata – Carja – Radeanu” special birds fauna protection area according to H.G. 971/2011   (M.O. no. 715 of 11.10.2011) that modifies and completes H.G.1284/2007 regarding the declaration of the special birds fauna protection areas as and integrant part of the European ecological network Natura 2000 in Romania (M.O. no. 739 bis of 31.10.2007) , where is registered acest sit, having the code ROSPA0130– with a surface of 5735 ha, situated in the territorial administrative units of 2 Counties, Vaslui (66%) and Galati (34%), in The North-East Development Region.
  2. Protected area of national interest:  until the present, it has not been designated as protected area and, within the site, there are no other protected areas
  3. Other protection status according to the national/international in force legislation: No need.

Aspects regarding the property upon the project area/zone and the main using modality of the lands within it

The site Mata – Carja – Radeanu” is situated in the South-Eastern part of Vaslui County, at the limit with Galati County. From the public administration point of view The site is spreading on the territory of 2 judete: Vaslui County in the communes Blagesti (7%), Falciu (10%), Murgeni (14%) and in Galati County  in the communes  Cavadinesti (12%), Oancea (6%), Suceveni (4%)

Scientific description of the project area/zone (relief, climate, hydro-geographic conditions, pedology, geology, types of ecosystems, habitates / species of communitarian importance, etc.), specifying the information sources:

“Mata – Carja – Radeanu” is a special site for the protection of the birds fauna (SPA)


The altitude in the site can reach absolute values under 10 m.

Clima: The air temperatures are situated at annual medium values of 9,8 °C. The maximum one, from July, is of 21,4 °C, and the lowest one, from January, is of -3,6 °C. As extreme values, recorded at Barlad local station, have been: the highest value, of 39,7 °C, was recorded on July 30th 1936; the absolute minimum temperature of -30,5 °C, was recorded on January 25th 1942.

Relief:   The site ROSPA0130 Mata – Carja – Radeanu is situated in Prut River field, downstream Falciu locality, Vaslui County and it is spread all the way up to nearby Oancea locality, Galati County.

The field relief is, generally, plain, with a continuous incline from North to South. Transversal, the land is inclined towards Prut River (East). The general aspect of the field is the one of a large depression. The micro-relief is represented by accumulation forms (hills) and negative forms (former lakes, streams, ponds).

In the above mentioned site componence there are included the following ponds: Carja I and Carja II, Mata, Radeanu and Sovarca

Soils: The external hills are consisting of coarse and medium textures, compared to the ones situated nearby the river, consisting of fine textures. The soils are making part of the alluvisols category.

The site Mata – Carja – Radeanu”. In the area has been arranged the fishery complex Carja-Mata-Radeanu (Vadeni) in the confluence area with Elanul. With a total surface of 1517 ha, this continuous chain of ponds is spreading between the localities Carja (Vaslui County) and Vadeni (Galati County).

Along the affluents valley and in the ponds perimeter, the swamp vegetation is abundant, being, generally, represented by species like Carex, Juncus, Phragmites and Typha. We have to mention the vast and compact surfaces of Phragmites australis, Typha latifolia and Typha angustifolia.

On this site we can meet the following classes of habitates:

Code % CLC Classes of habitates
N 06 32 511-512 Rivers, lakes
N 07 29 411-412 Marshes, peat bogs
N 09 24 321 Natural grasslands, steppes
N 12 5 211-213 Crops (arable land)
N 14 6 231 Pastures
N 16 2 311 Deciduous forests
N 21 2 221,222 Vineyards and orchards

This site accommodates important numbers of some protected birds species. According to the data, we have the following categories:

a) 17 species from appendix 1 of the Birds Directive
b) 18 othe nigrating species, listed in the appendix of the Agreement regarding the migrating species (Bonn):
c) 3 globally endangered species

The importance of the project area/zone for the biodiversity and/or for the species/types of habitates preservation considered at European, national and regional level  

Within this site, there can be found 2 types of priority importance habitates: Ponto-Sarmatic deciduous shrubs- 40CO*, Ponto-Sarmatic steppes – cod: 62CO*

The site is important for the nesting populations of the following species: Aythya nyroca, Alcedo atthis, Ardea purpurea, Ardeola ralloides, Plegadis falcinellus, Egretta alba, Nycticorax nycticorax, Circus aeruginosus, Lanius minor, Botaurus stellaris, Lanius collurio

During the migration period, the site is important for the species: Aquila heliaca, Ciconia ciconia, Ardeola ralloides, Milvus migrans, Pelecanus onocrotalus, Anser anser, Limosa limosa, Tringa erythropus, Numenius arquata, Phalacrocorax carbo, Larus ridibundus, Anas strepera, Vanellus vanellus, Tringa tetanus, Anas querquedula, Aythya ferina, Fulica atra, Larus cachinnans, Anas  tyrhynchos, Cygnus olor

During the hibernation period, the site is important for the following species: Haliaeetus albicilla, Circus cyaneus

During the migration period, the site is accommodating more than 20.000 items of marsh birds, being a possible candidate for a RAMSAR site.

Mata – Carja – Radeanu” was not designated, until the present, protected area and, within the site, there are no other protected areas.